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OMG! Thank you sa surprise!!!

Posted on 02-14-2014  |    Facebook Feed
Kuya Josh & Bimb birthday Gift

Posted on 02-13-2014  |    Facebook Feed
Bimb said: mama order shoes & that's our birthday gift for you so you'll be happy. The shoes arrived! But the best gift is being loved by Kuya & Bimb...
Thank You for helping make my birthday more special because of your generosity.

Posted on 02-13-2014  |    Facebook Feed
Thank You National Bookstore, Bench, Boardwalk, Mister Donut, Skechers, Made In Candy, Happy Skin, KOR water bottles for helping make my birthday more special because of your generosity. ..
Spreading the love & sharing to Our Lady of Sorrows

Posted on 02-13-2014  |    Facebook Feed
Going to Our Lady of Sorrows tomorrow (my Mom & Dad got married there) then Corazon C Aquino Elementary School. I have been blessed beyond my expectations so tomorrow on the eve of my birthday I want to spread the love & share my blessings. I chose venues connected to my Mom because on my birthday I want to pay tribute to her...
Love is Action

Posted on 02-13-2014  |    Facebook Feed
In my personal life, in my professional life, as a mother, as a sister, as a friend & as a Filipino this sentence inspires me. God has truly blessed me immensely & I know that He put me where I am to do more of His work. In the next few weeks, I'm partnering w/ a company that shares my vision, that we need to personally help uplift each other. I'm looking forward to this initiative because it will be a tangible way of helping others help themselves. Sorry for the length of this post but my birthday eve made me more introspective & has made me feel like there's still so much more to do to help make other people's lives as wonderful as I envision mine to be. #love #faith #compassion #generosity #gratitude..
From Kris TV: Angel's dad approves of Luis Manzano

Posted on 02-10-2014  |    Facebook Feed
MANILA -- The father of Angel Locsin is supportive of his daughter's relationship with television host Luis Manzano...
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