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My presentation for Bimby's class! Thank You Kris Tv

Posted on February 09, 2013  |    Going Places
We Heart HongKong!

Posted on November 03, 2012  |    Going Places
Uploaded November 2, 2012 After their fun-filled sojourn in Korea, Kris, Josh and Bimby headed off to another family paradise, Hong Kong Disneyland, where she and her kids (together with their yayas, plus Divine Diva and good friend Zsa Zsa Padilla, and cousin Rina Teopaco and her two kids Pia and Tiger) had another taste of colorful, happy experiences riding thrilling amusement park rides, having yum snacks, and getting amazed at the awesome scenery, in one of Asia's most spectacular theme parks. They also took a side trip to Josh's favorite Vietnamese restaurant, the Golden Bull. Click, click, click the thumbnails now to see more!
Eat, Explore, Experience!

Posted on November 02, 2012  |    Going Places
In Kris' last few days in Korea together with family and friends, she soaked up more sights and immersed herself in new experiences, such as dining in Korean restaurants, going to a Teddy Bear Museum, watching musical spectacles, visiting and observing a crystal-clear stream (which according to her research was already a dead, polluted river a few years ago--until it was revived to its now-wonderfully clean state), and, of course, a bit of shopping. Click, click, click the thumbnails below, and be amazed at what Korea has to offer!
It's Bookstore Day!

Posted on November 01, 2012  |    Going Places
Kris dropped by Kyobo Bookstore last October 30, and was thrilled to check out some of the stuff there, including her favorite pens and markers. In fact, she captioned her photo below (click on the thumbnail!) "Sign pen & highlighter/marker HEAVEN" to let us all know how much she loves good writing instruments! In Korea's official tourism website, Kyobo Bookstore is described thus: Kyobo Bookstore is Korea's largest chain of bookstores. Approximately 2.3 million books are categorized electronically so you can find whatever selection you are looking for very easily. It is always crowded with people standing, reading books. On the weekends, the store attracts readers both young and old. Kyobo also hosts a series of events, including a book of the month event where authors come and meet with readers to discuss their work. There's also a character shop, a stationary store and a music store where you can listen to your favorite album. The foreign book corner is popular among foreigners because there are numerous books written in various languages. Those unable to find specific titles can order them at the counter. (Courtesy:
Nanta: A Crazy, Fun Show!

Posted on October 30, 2012  |    Going Places
NANTA was fun, but it was really Bimb who had a blast. Humor is very Mr. Bean & if you've eaten at Benihana, the antics of the "chefs" will seem familiar. What was amazing was the level of professionalism & team work that the 5 actors had. Their routines were extremely precise & all had super toned bodies! I loved the part where they started pelting us in the audience with hundreds of colored rubber balls like the ball swim pools for kids, but we were encouraged to throw them back at them. The show was creatively conceptualized & I'm actually now wishing that the next Downy Rub a Dubango TVC will have me doing some Nanta moves. Please watch out for our Korea videos on Kris Tv during the week of Nov 5. For more shots of the amazing Nanta show and our dinner photos, click click click!
Our Korea Escape

Posted on October 28, 2012  |    Going Places
We had a lovely, sunny but cool Sunday. I love our autumn picture taken in the small park beside Changdeokgung Palace.Kris, her two boys and her close friends also visited Everland Theme Park, said to be the largest of its kind in South Korea.
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