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Yum Beef in Mushroom Gravy

Posted on October 04, 2012  |    My Recipes
Time to indulge a little bit with this kid- and family-tested recipe that I\'m going to share with you. Let\'s begin with the ingredients.
Simply Divine Prawns

Posted on October 03, 2012  |    My Recipes
I like cooking. It helps me unwind and relax. It's raining so there's fresh talangka from Farmer's. They steam it for me and I enjoy it with patis, calamansi, and a bit of sili... Sometimes I want to be even more indulgent and we cook the talangka w/ ginger, garlic, siling pang sigang, and coconut milk! The talangka has a lot of aligue, and it's heavenly... Brings back memories of meals shared with Mom, Josh, and me. We all really enjoyed our cholesterol-rich Kapampangan delicacy.
King Crabs In Coconut Milk

Posted on October 02, 2012  |    My Recipes
Kris can whip up culinary delights in a jiffy, such as the king crabs in coconut milk which she cooked for her friends today. This is actually easy to make. Just wash your crabs, dividing each in half, and separating the claws from the body. Saute the pieces in garlic and ginger then add coconut milk which you can buy in cans from the supermarket. Allow to simmer for 5-10 minutes until liquid is reduced a bit. Add a little water if needed, green peppers, and season with salt or fish sauce. You can also add vegetables like sliced squash and/or eggplant. Serve hot with rice.
How To Remove Fish & Seafood Smell From Your Hands

Posted on October 02, 2012  |    Home Ideas
As somebody who's always in the kitchen, Kris has to deal with certain problems especially in handling items like fish and seafood. How do you effectively remove fishy odor from your hands and be nice smelling again to face your party guests? You might be surprised to know that the solution lies in using basic items one can easily find in the pantry.
How to shop around for a bed

Posted on September 26, 2012  |    Home Ideas
Have you ever wondered how much of our life is spent on our beds? Not only do we sleep here; this is also the place where we hang out when awake, listen to music, snuggle up and eat breakfast in. We wonder how much thought people put in choosing a bed. There are important factors to consider, among them design and comfort.
Prawns in Garlic Pasta

Posted on September 26, 2012  |    My Recipes
This recipe was taught to Kris by cooking mama Janice de Belen during the latter's guesting in KrisTV, but Kris innovated by adding roasted cherry tomatoes. This is really good and presents a different way to enjoy pasta! Perfectly suitable for seafood lovers.
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