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Tita Helen's Gourmet Tuyo Pasta

November 08, 2012  |    My Recipes

by Kris Aquino

Tita Helen Gamboa Sotto & her son Gian prepared their version on Kris Tv.
I fell in love with the mix of flavors and made it yesterday, Direk Joyce Bernal said it was really delicious too.

I used fettuccine but Tita Helen recommends linguine.

Heat olive oil, add a lot of garlic. On low heat let it infuse the oil.

Add white onion, finely chopped and raise the heat.

Add fresh mushrooms, red & green peppers.

Then add 1 bottle of Spicy Tuyo (I used Blue Kitchen).

Mix the ingredients well. I added red chili flakes, black pepper & a dash of garlic salt.

I poured the mixture over my pasta and added Parmesan cheese, a very generous amount.

Serve in pasta bowls & enjoy!

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