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The Wonders of Manuka Honey

October 04, 2012  |    Health & Wellness

Kris is one staunch proponent of healthy living. She practices what she preaches, and whatever good thing she discovers, she always makes it a point to generously share them with her friends and loved ones.

Whenever she has coughing spells due to fatigue or erratic climate, she swears by one of her discoveries, Manuka Honey. She takes a teaspoon of it, with warm water.

Manuka is a kind of tree native to New Zealand. According to the website "When the news came out in 1991 from The University of Waikato about the healing properties of UMF Manuka Honey we concentrated our efforts into the production of this exciting and unique honey. This involved establishing different hive management practices to ensure that our manuka honey is as pure as possible and not mixed with other honeys. In 1995, after realising how little is really known about UMF Manuka Honey and that very little was being done to promote this special honey, we set out to inform people of its natural properties so that those with a need can benefit from it."  (We thank the website for this great piece of information!)

Read up on Manuka honey and learn about its many wonders and health-improving properties, now.

Cheers to good health!

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