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Personalized Gift Ideas for the Food Lover

November 30, 2012  |    Home Ideas

Food is something we can never get enough of during the Christmas season. And most likely, there's a foodie or food lover among our circle of relatives and friends. The question is: what to give them. More so, how do you make a great impression and make your gift stand out among all the items that have been given. Our answer: make it personalized and homemade. Your recipients will appreciate the time and the effort. Here are some of our suggestions:


1. For your health-conscious buddy, mix together old-fashioned oats, sliced almonds, a dash of cinnamon and dried fruits like cranberries and apricot to make your own homemade granola. Pack in a handy airtight glass container and wrap with a ribbon. Insert a card with your own instructions on how to enjoy the granola at home ... with milk or the addition of honey and butter.

2. There's nothing as classic as wine and cheese. Prepare these in a basket or lay out in a cheese board : wine, your choice of cheese ( try the coconut cheese at Santi's...it's good!), and a pack of crackers. If you have more time, prepare pesto sauce and bottle up.

3. Go Pinoy! What goes in this gift set: bottled gourmet tuyo, toasted pan de sal and marinated kesong puti.

4. In relation to above, marinated goat cheese or our native kesong puti is another option. Just take a log of cheese, dice a la feta and put in a jar of extra virgin olive oil. Add bird's eye chili, bay leaves, oregano and garlic. Seal the jar and decorate with Christmas ornaments.

5. There will always be a person who loves coffee. Fill a mug with coffee beans and add cookies. For the tea-drinker, fill a tea pot with tea bags. Wrap together.



* Home made granola photo courtesy of www.pinterest.com


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