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Nanta: A Crazy, Fun Show!

October 30, 2012  |    Going Places

by Kris Aquino

Evening of October 29, 2012

NANTA was fun, but it was really Bimb who had a blast.

Humor is very Mr. Bean & if you've eaten at Benihana, the antics of the "chefs" will seem familiar.
What was amazing was the level of professionalism & team work that the 5 actors had. Their routines were extremely precise & all had super toned bodies!

I loved the part where they started pelting us in the audience with hundreds of colored rubber balls like the ball swim pools for kids, but we were encouraged to throw them back at them.

The show was creatively conceptualized & I'm actually now wishing that the next Downy Rub a Dubango TVC will have me doing some Nanta moves.

Please watch out for our Korea videos on Kris Tv during the week of Nov 5.

For more shots of the amazing Nanta show and our dinner photos, click click click!

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