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My Scrumptious Chicken Rice!

October 16, 2012  |    My Recipes

Kris just whipped up something absolutely delicious for everyone! 

Today she introduces her chunky chicken rice recipe, which is sure to become a topic of conversation during dinners with family and friends (no talking about just how good it is while your mouth is full, though!). 

This is a truly hearty dining table star inspired by beauty queen Shamcey Supsup's mom's recipe, with its hints of Thai and Indian aromas guaranteed to intrigue and delight your loved ones!

Try it now.



Olive oil

White onion



½ kilo chicken thigh

½ kilo chicken breast

garlic salt

coarse black pepper

Thai patis

Maggi Oyster Sauce

Datu Puti Light Soy Sauce

Powdered turmeric

Curry powder

Shiitake and white button mushrooms

Lemongrass stalk

Sesame oil

4 cups Jasmine rice

3 cups water

1 cup water with chicken-flavored Magic sabaw

Kris' Procedure

Using light olive oil, do the normal gisa with white onion, garlic & luya.
Then add half a kilo of chicken thigh, and half a kilo of chicken breast.
I used garlic salt, coarse black pepper and Thai patis to season the chicken.
Add Maggi oyster sauce and Datu Puti light soy sauce (this is their version of Kikkoman)
Add Powdered Turmeric and also curry powder (I used Japanese ones bought from Konbini in Greenhills)
Add the fresh shiitake and white button mushrooms.
Add the lemongrass stalk, and also the sesame oil.
Let the chicken cook.

Prepare 4 cups of Jasmine rice and 3 cups of water, plus 1 cup water with 1 packet of Magic Sabaw chicken flavor.
Transfer half of the chicken to the big rice cooker (I used the 16 cup Union rice cooker)
Put 2 cups of the rice. Transfer the rest of the chicken. Put the rest of the rice. Mix everything, add the water & Magic Sabaw broth.
Set the rice cooker to cook.

Enjoy the meal in 20 minutes!

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