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My Beauty Product Review

October 31, 2012  |    Fashion

By Kris Aquino
October 29, 2012

I tried these 3 pencils today.  The Proof 10 brown automatic pencil was really great lining my lower lid. It was a soft brown & was easy to soften when I smudged with my favorite Stila brush #20.

The Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Auto Stick was fabulous for quickly filling in my eyebrows, shade #2 was a good universal shade. It's worth a try because it was long wearing & very easy to use. There was a brush at the other end & it was good for blending & setting the eyebrow in place.

The Magic Waterproof Deep Eye Eyeliner was a firm fine point crayon type of liner that was my best purchase! It really worked from application at 10 AM until I removed my makeup before my shower at midnight.

Now let's all pray that Korean eyeliners & eyebrow pencils will be very easy to buy in the Philippines!

Calling on Face Shop & Étude.

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