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Mmm-mashed Potatoes! How to Do It?

October 24, 2012  |    My Recipes

by Kris Aquino

I checked the Pioneer Woman's blog (thepioneerwoman.com) because when I Googled the best recipes for creamy mashed potatoes, hers seemed the best! I followed her instructions with a few tweaks.

I boiled the potatoes that were cut into quarters. When they were fork- tender, Ate Mel used the masher.

I melted butter in a sauce pan & added the potatoes. This is where I deviated from the Pioneer Woman:  I used evaporated milk slowly mixed into the potatoes & butter. The process is actually called "folding" & this is done slowly to really make the potatoes creamy.

I then added some Laughing Cow cheese triangles because we were out of cream cheese. After giving the mixture a taste, I added garlic salt & over low heat continued folding the potatoes with both a wooden spoon alternating with a heat safe spatula.

Josh and I had the mashed potatoes with dinner. I also served our roast beef with stir fried broccoli, snow peas & corn.

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