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Kris proud of Josh's Weight Loss. How Did He Do it

September 10, 2012  |    Health & Wellness

From a high of 320 lbs., Kris' beloved son Joshua Aquino is now 257 lbs. It's a weight loss success sorry which makes Kris so happy and proud, mostly because this also means Josh is now healthier without the extra, unwanted poundage.

Diet and exercise played key roles in Joshua's weight modification plan but it was all healthy. He certainly didn't starve himself to the point of hunger. Kris says Josh still eats normally. He would have rice with lunch and dinner, although breakfast is lighter with just fruits and soup. She stressed the importance of portion control and having more vegetables on the plate instead of pork and red meat. As much as possible, he also avoids deep-fried dishes and softdrinks, resorting instead to fruit juices.

Also a big factor in Joshua's weight loss is his enlistment in a personalized program made by Coach Chappy Callanta of 360 Fitness Club. It helped that Josh was motivated to complete whatever was required of his program. He does his exercises five times a week and his cycle involves from 90 minutes to two hours of intense workout.

Devotion to his routine has certainly paid off because Josh used to have a waistline of 46 inches (!!) but now it's nearing 38. That is certainly awesome. Joshua's example should inspire others who want badly to lose weight that they can do it too!

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