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It's Bookstore Day!

November 01, 2012  |    Going Places

Kris dropped by Kyobo Bookstore last October 30, and was thrilled to check out some of the stuff there, including her favorite pens and markers.   In fact, she captioned her photo below (click on the thumbnail!) "Sign pen & highlighter/marker HEAVEN" to let us all know how much she loves good writing instruments!

In Korea's official tourism website, Kyobo Bookstore is described thus:

Kyobo Bookstore is Korea's largest chain of bookstores. Approximately 2.3 million books are categorized electronically so you can find whatever selection you are looking for very easily. It is always crowded with people standing, reading books. On the weekends, the store attracts readers both young and old.

Kyobo also hosts a series of events, including a book of the month event where authors come and meet with readers to discuss their work. There's also a character shop, a stationary store and a music store where you can listen to your favorite album. The foreign book corner is popular among foreigners because there are numerous books written in various languages. Those unable to find specific titles can order them at the counter.  (Courtesy:

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