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Eating fruits for breakfast

August 26, 2012  |    Health & Wellness

Even after a long shooting day, Kris prefers to eat fruits for breakfast, not only because it's healthier but also because it makes her feel better.

The 'fruitarians' in our midst will say it's true. Eating the usual Filipino fare like corned beef and fried rice to start our day can make us feel heavy and sluggish. This is not the case when you eat fruits like banana and papaya as Kris does. You don't feel too full and actually have more energy to do your tasks for the rest of the day.

Here's some benefits we can think of in adopting a fruit-eating lifestyle:

1. Fruits can aid in detoxification, that is ridding our body of unwanted toxins. It is advisable to eat our bowl of fruits in the morning to facilitate the process.

2. Eating fruits alone for breakfast can help in weight loss, especially if taken consistently. Be sure to follow up with wholesome foods for lunch and dinner. For example, lean cuts of meat or chicken, brown rice and no frying of food as much as possible.

3. Complement healthy eating with regular exercise. Just because you eat light for breakfast doesn't mean you can't work out. Just make up for it by eating more fruits. If you get bored with the routine, convert your plain' ol banana into a smoothie. Repeat.

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