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Christmas gift-wrapping ideas

December 01, 2012  |    Home Ideas

Do you agree when we say that the appearance or presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself? In fact, beautifully-decorated gift boxes - whether laid out by the Christmas tree or having its own special spot at home - are one of the things we love about the holidays. Despite her busy schedule, Kris really went the extra mile this year personalizing her Christmas gifts with her favorite colors and handwritten cards. You can make it all special too with these tips:

1. Wherever you go, keep an eye for materials you can use for gift-giving - the more unique and eye-catching, the better. Our favorite spots so far are bargain haunts like Divisoria and the scrapbooking or art supply section of bookstores.

2. A gift wrapper need not necessarily be paper. It can be a beautifully-decorated fabric, a distinctly Filipino material like sinamay or even a brown bag.

3. Go beyond ribbon. Things such as buttons, pine cones, round Christmas bulbs and even fresh flowers can be used as accents.

4. These days, the stores carry attractive boxes in all kinds of colors that you don't even have to wrap them anymore. For something that can be used even after the holidays are over, try tin cans and glass jars.

5. Recycling is the way to go! This is specially true for the environmentally-conscious. No harm reusing last year's gift boxes and ribbons if you were able to store them. Used magazines and newspapers can also be designed as gift wrappers if you accent them properly.

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