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krisaquino214 Thank You God for the gift of time to be with them as they grow up. Thank You God for the blessing of my work that allows me to make special vacation memories w/ my sons. Thank You God for the kindness of the people we encounter & the sincere affection they give my sons & me. 😇

krisaquino214 This is the other version of the quote... I took a breather, nahilo sa last roller coaster, thank God @erichgg is so game to ride w/ my sons. To those asking about @praybeytbenjamin @lizzzuy & @paulcabral they stayed in the hotel & rested. We'll meet up in a couple of hours when we're done w/ our theme park adventure. God bless you all.

krisaquino214 This is the quote from the Dubai/Abu Dhabi replay of @kristvofficial_ig aired today. The lipstick Shut Up & Kiss Me is made & sold by @happyskin_ph.

Yummy Hokkaido Milk ice cream @erichgg

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My source of inspiration!

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Good Morning!

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Food adventure in Dubai #kristv

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Backstage catching up w/ my future inaanak sa kasal @therealangellocsin

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