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krisaquino214 Absolutely True! I was weirded out that @praybeytbenjamin rationed his sleep, 3-5 hrs before Showtime & a long siesta after work. Now I totally understand him. I had 4 hrs of sleep before Kris Tv & now I'm showered & makeup free & in sleep shorts set ready to snore until mid afternoon. There's just no way to function sleep deprived & this isn't ideal but I'm testing if I can manage to get my 8 hrs of sleep but split in 2 portions. Para-paraan. I liked going live because Josh Bimb & I were all up together before 6 AM. The difference is they slept at 9 PM & I still had A&A LIVE and watched Blacklist & read my book to get relaxed, SLEEP came at almost 2 AM. I love both my shows & LIVE just has so much more FUN & spontaneity so it's sacrifice & adjustment to fulfill my work duties. Will see how my body reacts? Signing off for now, will cut the ribbon for @bcbench's latest acquisition Casadei shoes early evening then will proceed to A&A for live & taping for Friday's airing. #lovemywork #proudlymasipag ⏳⌛️⏰😘😴

krisaquino214 Tumblers from @thesmstore. Because during this summer heat wave we need to keep hydrated not just w/ water but w/ sports drinks & buco juice. 😃

krisaquino214 Lipstick of the Day. @kristvofficial_ig in 2 minutes. Good Morning. 😘

Thank You ChowKing for Bimb's cake & the dinner delivery for our entire household!

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The 700ml size shampoo & 375 ml conditioner

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The 700ml size shampoo & 375 ml conditioner. My favorite Pantene variants from the Middle East fedexed by my friend from Dubai. My short hair now has a year's supply of my favorite shampoo & conditioner...
Hot air balloon bonding with @inagm, @solennheussaff and @erichgg! #kristv

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Ready for our Hot Air Balloon Ride w/ @inagm @erichgg @solennheussaff

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"New Look"

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