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krisaquino214 Good Night. 😇😴💤⏰⌚️⌛️❤️

krisaquino214 This is the other version of the quote... I took a breather, nahilo sa last roller coaster, thank God @erichgg is so game to ride w/ my sons. To those asking about @praybeytbenjamin @lizzzuy & @paulcabral they stayed in the hotel & rested. We'll meet up in a couple of hours when we're done w/ our theme park adventure. God bless you all.

krisaquino214 This is the quote from the Dubai/Abu Dhabi replay of @kristvofficial_ig aired today. The lipstick Shut Up & Kiss Me is made & sold by @happyskin_ph.

Yummy Hokkaido Milk ice cream @erichgg

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My source of inspiration!

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Good Morning!

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Food adventure in Dubai #kristv

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Backstage catching up w/ my future inaanak sa kasal @therealangellocsin

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